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The Portal, Gurren Lagann, and Rainbow Unicorn Attack Fandoms as well as Chaos Unit found themselves in a locked room, unaware where they were. They successfully broke out with the help of a mysterious person named ‘Salvation’. After further investigation of the house, they found out more about the town they were in. They also found out about the Heinous and the disease. They decided that they would try to find the cure to the disease. However, there was one thing that prevented them from even leaving the house, the disease. There was only one gasmask in the house. However, Portal volunteered to go retrieve the gasmasks in the house adjacent from them. When she did, she was attacked by two heinouses, Pokemon and Hobbit. The people inside the house were attacked by a heinous, after RUA destroyed the floor boards that revealed a bunch of dead bodies. They warded them off with the help of a mysterious song. Now, they are planning to steal the cure from Lavender and leave. What will happen next? Come aboard now to see! 

We are starting the chat back up, meet us there!

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That one beautiful person that spectates and draws


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  2. Happytreefriends-fandom
  3. battleroyalefandom
  4. teamfortress2-fandom
  5. chaosunit0010sbaseofoperations
  6. fandomstuckportal

((Okay so I saw we just needed to reblog the main post with what we were??

Soooo I’m gonna have RUA be a human if that’s all right!

I hope this is the right post. ;A;))



You glance up as well, wincing a bit at all of the damage. “I’m re4lly, re4lly 5orry 4bout th4t….” At least the view was pretty? Now that you were not hurtling past them at vicious speeds, you could appreciate the beauty of the land’s aurora borealis. It reminded you of your own land.

However, his next question drew you out of the mesmerizing colors and forcefully dragged you back to the current issue. It hits you like a ton of bricks and suddenly you are on your feet, perhaps even accidentally knocking the other two over in your haste. The remaining ice clinging to you crackles to the floor in a frost and even as you wince in pain, you are looking around for the door.

"I- 4gh… I-I h4ve 2 go b4ck! I need 2 help him! Evvie… E-Evvie will kill him!!" You exclaim fearfully, mismatched eyes wide with worry. It has already been so long; what if it was too late? What if Rua had already killed Hev and was now tracking you down? Oh Kringlefucker! "You’re in d4nger, I need 2 le4ve-"

You don’t have much of anything to say before she’s on her feet, which, did in fact, knock you and Romeo back. The cat-like fandom makes a choked hissing noise as he falls back, his tail bushing up under him, both things you’d later tease him about. But not right now.

"Woah, woah, woah, okay, slow down, Candycane." Romeo says while sitting up, much to your surprise. He’d been pretty quiet through most of the discussion here, and him speaking up at all has proven unusual around here at all so far. He snaps his fingers a couple time to get her attention away from where the door might be and back to him, and continues "If either of us cared about how much danger we might be in, we probably wouldn’t have started caring for a fuckin’ Christmas girl that crashed through our roof. That doesn’t scream safe. Also, you’re still recoverin’, so I’m not lettin’ you go anywhere, no matter who you’re talkin’ about."

You stare nervously between the two, hoping the girl isn’t offended by him in any way. Do you say something here? You probably should.

"I think what he means is," You start, "is that we might be more compliant if we can have a little more explanation. What’s the danger supposed to be, and who’s ‘Evvie’?" Romeo narrows his eyes at you and looks ready to protest, but you shake your head and glare back at him.

The nickname catches your attention, but it is those snapping fingers that finally get you to focus your gaze back on the talking kitty. However, you are obviously still in panic mode, nearly to the point of hyperventilating as concern and worry flood your system. In all honesty, you almost look like a spooked horse, ready to bolt at any given moment.

"B-but you h4ve 2! He need5 me! He c4n’t t4ke him on 4lone, he’ll be killed!!" You argue immediately and without hesitation, almost moving to push past him when Furry speaks up. It is enough to make you pause and switch focus to him, but before you can answer his question there is a loud-


"T a r g e t  l o c a t e d ."

OH JINGLE BELLS!!!!" You scream silently as those crimson eyes lock onto you, taking an instinctive step back. The virus-addled monster version of your little brother stands to his full, towering height and makes you feel tiny and insignificant all over again. "Th… th-th4t’5 Evvie…."

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If we kissed:

  • [] This wouldn’t happen.
  • [] Oh disgusting.
  • [] Again, again.
  • [] Kiss you back.
  • [] Let’s take this to the bedroom.
  • [] Slap/Push you away.
  • [] Be confused

If you asked me out I’d say:

  • [] Um no.
  • [] I’m taken-
  • [] Sure.

Can we cuddle?:

  • [] No.
  • [] Ew.
  • [] Sure.
  • [] YES.


  • [] Let’s do it.
  • [] No. You can’t handle my d.
  • [] FUCK YES.
  • [] No.

Should you reblog this?:

  • [] Yes. I want to send you one.
  • [] Yes.
  • [] No.
  • [] You already did.




MA: I did. I really, really did. And then you left without a word, and I still did, but I fucking shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t.

HM: ….

HM: *he just fucking hugs her, like tight, as if expecting her to immediately try to push away*

HM: I’M sorry.

[You pat his back gently. This is good? Maybe?]

MA: You should be. Bitch.

HM: *snort*

HM: Seriously. I was stupid and selfisH and pretty MucH blind-sided by tHe opportunity to find My baby sis. But it’s not an excuse for basically running off witHout saying anytHing to you….

HM: I’M Honestly not surprised you Hooked up witH tHat otHer Movie dude wHile I was away.




















XMAS: *jingle jingle* Excuse me mi5ter! But 4re you ok4y? Why 4re you crying? *worried pout*

HF: I’m a bad person


He sighs

HF: you’re a nice kid

XMAS: *she grins*

XMAS: Th4nk5! You’re 4 nice guy from wh4t I’ve 5een 5o f4r. You 5houldn’t be 5o h4rd on your5elf!

HF: what’s your name, kid?

XMAS: You me4n my f4ndom n4me? It’5 kind4 long!

HF: nicknames are fine too

HF: I usually go by Heta

XMAS: Oh, ok4y, well then you c4n c4ll me Chri55y!

XMAS: Het4’5 4 cool n4me.

HF: thanks

HF: chrissy’s a cool name too

XMAS: You think 5o? It’5 ju5t 5hort for “Chri5tm45”, re4lly….

HF: well christmas is my favorite holiday

HF: that just makes you hella cool

XMAS: *blush and jingle quietly*

XMAS: Th-th4nk you!! I love XMAS 2! I love everything 4bout it, even the thing5 5ome people don’t like. It’5 ju5t… 4m4zing!! *flop back*

HF: I like the food mostly I think

HF: but that’s just me

XMAS: Oh, the food i5 deliciou5! I c4n m4ke 4ll the cl455ic5.

XMAS: Fruitc4ke, eggnog, gingerbre4d, XMAS cookie5!

HF: wow

HF: I can cook pasta

HF: that’s not very christmas-y, but it’s still pretty good

XMAS: Ooooh, I like p45t4! C4n you m4ke the red 4nd green kind??

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