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You hold Keira closer to you, trying to figure things out in your head past your daughter sobbing into your shoulder, your son looking uncomfortably sane given the situation, and your friend’s body basically ripped apart on the wall across the room. Shit, she has a point, given the nature of things you doubt you guys could outrun him, and even if you did, where would you go? Troll’s place, maybe.

You don’t have much time to finish that plan though, interrupted by a frightened shriek freak Keira and her hold around your neck tightening a bit more. It takes you a second to catch up and realize what’s happening before your facing Rua and Chrissy, just as he’s reaching for her.
"Chrissy, NO-"

You don’t get to finish your cry out for her by another crash, and you and Ethan take a few instinctive steps back while yet another robot appears in your home. Is that… Another fucking robot unicorn? If anything you’re relieved, because past your fear you’re realizing he just attacked Rua. But yet…

"How many of you guys are actually in your family?” You ask Chrissy, keeping a one handed hold on Keira and using your free hand to try and tug Chrissy back at a hopefully-safe distance away from the robots.

You do not even feel the tug from Furry, far too busy openly gawking at the scene before you. Your feet remain firmly, stubbornly planted in the spots you had set them when you resigned yourself to dying. Again. At the hands of your other brother this time. It seems this may no longer be a thing that is going to happen, but you are not about to get your hopes up just yet. Even if this new android is as friendly and helpful as he appears, he still needs to somehow defeat Rua. You honestly are not sure if anyone has ever defeated your little brother in this form or if it is even possible for him to lose a strife like this.

You watch as Rua gets back to his feet, only to be immediately tackled again by the newcomer. They lock fists and you swallow nervously. You vaguely register the question tossed your way and the already clenched fists at your sides merely double their tension as something in your brain clicks. Holy Nicholas’ ghost. How did you not instantly make the connection? It is so obvious now! “Th-there’5 four of u5, but… th4t’5 not Hev! 4nd… 4nd if Evvie i5 there, then… i-it could only be….” You feel your chest tighten as your heart worms its way up your throat beat by frantic beat.


??: —> What are you waiting for?! Run! Now!! I am uncertain of how long I can hold him off! *

R͏U̢҉A̸̡͏̧͏:̸̡̡̧͟ E x t e r m i n a t e .

I know I’ve been told numerous times by numerous people not to worry about this but it’s just in my nature so….

I apologize yet again for the delay in pretty much any activity on this blog aside from sporadic reblogs. Those occur because I do have brief time to be on mobile but find the app too hard to use for anything else. :/

I just started a new job and I’ve been attending orientation and training, as well as helping to run the MSPARP chat I recently pulled off hiatus.

I promise I’ll get to it all eventually. Unfortunately I just can’t give a time frame right now. :(

7 Deadly Sin Headcanons

  • Lust:

    a headcanon about your character's romantic and/or sexual life

  • Greed:

    a headcanon about something your character hordes or collects

  • Sloth:

    a headcanon about something your character hates to do or simply hates in general

  • Pride:

    a headcanon about something your character is a bit cocky about

  • Gluttony:

    a headcanon about food or obsessions

  • Wrath:

    a headcanon about your character and their anger management

  • Envy:

    a headcanon about your character's secret desires and jealousies

Wanna be's your chance.

  • 0:


  • 1:


  • 2:

    Shoe size

  • 3:

    Do you smoke?

  • 4:

    Do you drink?

  • 5:

    Do you take drugs?

  • 6:

    Age you get mistaken for

  • 7:

    Have tattoos?

  • 8:

    Want any tattoos?

  • 9:

    Got any piercings?

  • 10:

    Want any piercings?

  • 11:

    Best friend?

  • 12:

    Relationship status

  • 13:

    Biggest turn ons

  • 14:

    Biggest turn offs

  • 15:

    Favorite movie

  • 16:

    I’ll love you if

  • 17:

    Someone you miss

  • 18:

    Most traumatic experience

  • 19:

    A fact about your personality

  • 20:

    What I hate most about myself

  • 21:

    What I love most about myself

  • 22:

    What I want to be when I get older

  • 23:

    My relationship with my sibling(s)

  • 24:

    My relationship with my parent(s)

  • 25:

    My idea of a perfect date

  • 26:

    My biggest pet peeves

  • 27:

    A description of the girl/boy I like

  • 28:

    A description of the person I dislike the most

  • 29:

    A reason I’ve lied to a friend

  • 30:

    What I hate the most about work/school

  • 31:

    What your last text message says

  • 32:

    What words upset me the most

  • 33:

    What words make me feel the best about myself

  • 34:

    What I find attractive in women

  • 35:

    What I find attractive in men

  • 36:

    Where I would like to live

  • 37:

    One of my insecurities

  • 38:

    My childhood career choice

  • 39:

    My favorite ice cream flavor

  • 40:

    Who I wish I could be

  • 41:

    Where I want to be right now

  • 42:

    The last thing I ate

  • 43:

    Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

  • 44:

    A random fact about anything

























One upon

A time

A cat

Named Espurr

Wondered off

Into the

Electronic forest

And decided

he’s hungry

he exploded

because he

Ate Explosives 

but luckily

He lived

And decided

to change

into a

beautiful gay

unicorn that

could fly

And flew

Through the

stratosphere ultimanium

And destroy

all stars.

  • Old Muse:

    Role Play, for one day, a character you have Role Played before. (If this if your first muse, then you may deny the M!A.)

  • Artificial Heart:

    The muse no longer feels emotions- no pain, no anger, no rage. They simply become an apathetic shell. Can be broken early if something strong enough manages to break their "emotional inhibitor."

  • Silver and Cold:

    The world just isn't the same, is it? It's so cruel and grey, there just isn't any point anymore... Muse is now suicidal for six hours.

  • I'm Melting!:

    Muse cannot stop bleeding from the mouth, nose, or eyes (anon's choice). Muse cannot pass out from blood loss.

  • Frozen to the Core:

    Muse becomes extremely cold natured and seeks any form of warmth.

  • Jack the Ripper:

    Muse has been attacked by something that obviously has no sense of mercy. They are beaten, bloody, and left for dead someplace abandoned. Lasts until someone comes to the rescue... Or finishes the job.

  • Just Shut Up!:

    Muse hears voices in their head. Anon can pick whose voice it is.

  • Lights:

    Turn the lights on! Your muse has a sudden addiction to lights. All lights are beautiful. Must look at lights. Lasts a full week..

  • Overprotective:

    Muse becomes obsessive of the person Anon chooses.

  • Afraid of Your Own Shadow:

    Muse is unnaturally skittish and afraid of everything around them for 24 hours.

  • Age:

    Muse will be a Kid for 10 Hours

  • Chibi:

    Stuck as a chibi- adorable, but only 2'4'' in height...

  • Dreams:

    Muse is able to trespass in the dreams and nightmares of others for 48 hours.

  • Power:

    Muse gains _______ (Anon specifies) as a power for 17 hours.

  • Pretty Please:

    My Character must grant favours of anyone who asks. So long as they say please. (Anon decides duration)

  • Reverse:

    Muse's personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)

  • S-S-Stop!:

    Muse develops a bad stutter for 24 hours.

  • What Are You, Chicken?:

    Muse gets the chicken pox. Anon decides if there are any magical side effects for 24 hours.

robot-unicorn-attack-fandom asked:

XMAS: *cuddles up to* You're w4rm! <:)


You look down to the other snuggling you, you raise an eyebrow and the corner of your lips curl up in a faint smile. In response you stretch out your big black wings and wrap them around you two

SL: oh? How iS thiS?

You giggle a bit as the feathers tickle at your nose and cheeks, snuggling closer. You do not know this fandom but he just looked so cuddly! Like he really needed a hug.

XMAS: Gre4t! Wow, I’ve never been hugged with wing5 before! They’re 5o 5oft….

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